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Preachermann is back.  Are you ready for church?

New York, April 8, 2012: Preachermann and the Revival will join rock group Bandroidz at world music venue Shrine, 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, New York, N.Y.on Friday, April 27 at 8:00 PM.

Preachermann and The Revival understand the role that blues plays in the lineage of rock and roll.  The group blends rock, gospel and funk to create an original and engaging sound that Preachermann has dubbed atomic soul.  The band's first album 'Negroes Stay Crunchy in Milk', released in 2007, is full of songs that fully support that description.  The haunting melodies and deceptively simple lyrics on tracks like ‘Smile’ and ‘Familiar to Me’ resonate deeply with fans and convey the spirituality and humility that is the foundation of Preachermann’s work.

Preachermann and the Revival's live performances are among the few must-see underground gems in New York City. In his signature robe, afro and kukui nut necklace, Preachermann delivers his lyrics with passion matched by few outside the pulpit.   In addition to earning artist-in-residence status at the venerated downtown staple, the Bowery Poetry Club, Preachermann and The Revival has thrown down in legendary venues like CBGB, The Knitting Factory and Joe's Pub, and in avant-garde art scenes such as The Kitchen, all to critical acclaim and ever-widening popular appeal. 

Preachermann and The Revival enjoyed a triumphant return to the music scene with a full house of dedicated fans at Williamsburg Music Center on March 24.  The band had been on hiatus after Preachermann underwent major surgery on both knees in 2009 due to a sports-related injury that left him unable to walk or perform.  In addition to performing original favorites like 'Preachermann' and ‘Negroes Stay Crunchy in Milk’, Preachermann and The Revival treated the crowd to an atomic soul rendition of the classic Allman Brothers track 'Whipping Post'.

The Shrine event is part of the band’s road back to local prominence and another step toward the goal of an international tour.  “I promise you a night of music and healing.  Walk in with your burdens, and leave with a smile. ‘Are you ready for church?’ "

Preachermann and The Revival:

·     Ed Holley “Preachermann” (Lead vocals) 

·    Benita Charles "Motown Mama" (Background vocals) 

·    Christi Gehrisch "Buckeyed Beauty" (Background vocals) 

·    Harris Punyon "Velvet Technician/Agent Charlie Chocolate”(Background vocals, Piano) 

·    Joe Paldino "Clean Papa Joe" (Guitar) 

·    Karl Watson "The Rock" (Saxophone, Violin)

·    Kendall Buchanan "Minister of Defense/Grand Funk Station" (Bass) 

·    Tom Pope "The Pope of Brooklyn" (Drums) 


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