Preachermann is back.  Are you ready for church?

New York, February 7, 2012: Preachermann and the Revival will perform an official ‘comeback’ concert at Williamsburg Music Center, 384 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY, at 9:00 PM on Saturday March 24, 2012.  After a two-year hiatus, the singer/songwriter is reclaiming his place in the New York music scene, wearing his signature robes and afro, and delivering a refreshing atomic soul sound with a passion matched by few outside the pulpit. 

For years, Preachermann and the Revival made the rounds of legendary New York venues like CBGB, The Knitting Factory, Joe's Pub, the Kitchen, and the Bowery Poetry Club, where the band enjoyed artist-in-residence status.   The haunting melodies and deceptively simple lyrics on tracks like Negroes Stay Crunchy in Milk and Familiar to Me resonate deeply with fans and convey the spirituality and humility that is the foundation of Preachermann’s work.

Preachermann underwent major surgery on both knees in 2009 after a sports-related injury left him unable to walk or perform.

“I've spent the last two years recovering from my injuries and watching the world go by.  Each day waiting for the moment to resume my passion, my calling.  Please join me and the revival at the Williamsburg Music Center for the rebirth of the Preachermann.  I promise you a night of music and healing.  Walk in with your burdens, and leave with a smile. ‘Are you ready for church?’ "

The Preachermann & The Revival Band:

·         Ed Holley “Preachermann “ (Lead vocals)

·         Joe Paldino "Clean Papa Joe" (Guitar)

·         Benita Charles "Motown Mama" (Background vocals)

·         Christi Gehrisch (Background vocals)

·         Karl Watson "The Rock" (Saxophone, Violin)

·         Harris Punyon "Velvet Technician/Agent Charlie Chocolate” (Background vocals, Piano)

·         Tom Pope "The Pope of Brooklyn" (Drums)

·         Kendall Buchanan "Minister of Defense/Grand Funk Station" (Bass)


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TICKETS:          Preachermann March 24 at WMC

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